Mother's Day Gift Ideas/Guide 2021
Mother's Day used to be a difficult one for me to brainstorm ideas for but now I have *ahem* aged a bit, I am constantly saving great gift ideas I come across or even adding bits to my own wish list. At the start of this year I moved, which I haven't actually announced yet here but yes, I've moved out of a flat in London and I now actually own a garden..and a house in the countryside. Moving house and no longer living in a flat share means that I love the idea of investing in cute home decor which I feel like mum's would also appreciate. If you guys don't watch Dream Home Makeover, I definitely recommend it. It inspires me with interior design so much, I love the English rustic countryside decor we have here alongside a Studio Mcgee coastal, farmhouse style.

These gifts that I have found over the last few months are affordable ideas for Mother's Day. Some of these I have bought myself and loved and some of them are still sat in my wish list baskets but I only ever select pieces that have great reviews either way.

1. Custom Watercolour Painting with Pets

These custom pieces are a really great investment and personal gift to buy. I love buying presents from Etsy and supporting small businesses.

2. Honey Bee Solar String Lights

I bought these for my mum last year and they are adorable. They are great for lining your patio with or even hanging between trees.

3. The Ritual of Jing - Calming Collecting

If you haven't bought a Ritual's gift set yet, they are great. They are really affordable for the products you get in the bundle, they have a variety of sets for different budgets too.

4. Olive Tree

Since moving and investing in plants for my house, I have found eBay to be a great site to find deals for outdoor and indoor plants. I bought this 1/4 length olive tree and kept it as an indoor plant to give a mediterranean style in my dining room. Olive trees are really low maintenance so they're great for people that feel like they don't look after plants very well too.

5. Wool Dryer Balls 

These adorable natural fabric softener dryer balls are environmentally friendly which mean you don't need to use anymore fabric softener with your laundry.

2021 Mother's Day Affordable Gift Ideas

6. Bamboo Book Stand

I bought one of these for my kitchen to display cookbook recipes on, they look great and are very handy when you are actually cooking too.

7. Round Straw Shopper

I thought this bag looked lovely, it's perfect for spring and summer. It's also currently on sale for £17.

8. Mid Height Printed Wellies

Joules is a brand I find is loved by mothers. They have a lot of countryside clothing but their wellies are great because of all of the fun prints they use.

9. Preserved Eucalyptus

Speaking of Studio Mcgee, they inspired me to start using dried bunches around the house to add in greenery. Etsy have a lot of preserved stems or bouquets to choose from. I recently ordered my pampas grass stems from Etsy which were really good quality.

10. Weighted Eyepatch

This gorgeous eye mask has the option of adding lavender inside or keeping it unscented. It comes with a washable, removable cover.

11. Nura Reef Bangle in 18ct Gold Vermeil

I love the jewellery from Monica Vinader. I started working with them this year and I recommend their pieces to my friends and family. They are really high quality and great as everyday jewellery or special occasions. I'm currently wearing one of their bracelets that I featured over on my instagram everyday. I have a referral code from my instagram promotion that you can use: MVINS20RAF-2A76

2021 UK Mother's Day Gift Ideas

12. Q10 Energy Recharging Night Cream

This night cream is my absolute favourite product at the moment. I have never seen my skin so clear and bright before. I work with Nivea long term so I get to try out their new products and give feedback about how I get on with them, I have mentioned to the team at Nivea how great this night cream is and I will definitely be repurchasing it.

13. The Hairy Bikers' One Pot Wonders

I know a lot of people love The Hairy Bikers' cookbooks. I'm currently using their vegetarian book and it's sat in the kitchen on my book stand that I mentioned before. This One Pot Wonders book is currently on sale for £11.

14. Diffuser Oils & Electronic Diffuser

This diffuser is really popular and sounds great. I bought myself a slightly cheaper one on Amazon but you just can't beat the scents that The White Company has. I love this stylish design of the diffuser, it's so sleek.

15. Bamboo Bed Tray

Ever since I got my bed tray (also from Amazon) I just can't go back. I occasionally work from my bed and elevating my laptop up is so useful and much better than hunching over. If your mum is someone that likes having their cup of tea in bed maybe this would be a great gift or even better having a breakfast hamper and a bed tray for the special day.

16. Spring Wreath Making Kit with Dried Flowers

Before Christmas I won a wreath making kit competition which meant that my mum and I spent the afternoon sat chatting making our winter wreaths. It was so much fun and it left us with wreaths that lasted a long time. A kit like this one with dried flowers would last and if you don't think your mum would want to spend the time making one, you could make it and personalise it for her yourself, otherwise it comes with the option of buying a ready made one too.

17. Hearts Canvas Wash Bag

As I'm typing this, the doorbell went about 5 minutes ago and this wash bag arrived ready for my mum's birthday present. Sophie Allport has the most beautiful designs and they're really high quality. This wash bag also has the option of adding personalisation onto it with their name or initials embroidered on.

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide. Let me know if it has inspired you to buy anything!