Hey guys!

It has been so long since I have posted on here. I've missed the world of blogs and really want to get back into it. I feel like since last time I was blogging on here, I have definitely become more confident with taking professional blog pictures and I'm no longer freaked out by having photos taken of me so it's the perfect time to try and combine words and pictures together over here. If you don't follow my instagram definitely go and check it out because that is where I upload all of my outfit pictures along with a variety of lifestyle shots.

I thought I would start off this new chapter of my blogging life with 6 Affordable Spring Dresses. If you're like me you might dread the idea of spring or summer where outfits should be simple but are so much harder to throw on because really they're just one or two garments so they need to be cute staple pieces. I've recently found that dresses are the way to go to get a quick, easy outfit and I have found it essential to have some go-to dresses that you know you're comfortable in and can just throw them on heading out of the house.

ASOS Curve Long Red Floral Dress.

This red dress has become one of my favourites because it is so comfortable and really not something I ever pictured myself in but, I love it?!

It is actually heavier material than it looks so it works perfect in spring if you have a cute cardigan or thin coat to throw on then once inside it's perfect to roam about in. It's so soft and can become quite dressy or casual. For this outfit I just style it with my (also ASOS) white trainers. White trainers are crucial in my mind for transforming dresses into a casual daytime outfit. I also paired it with my Radley London backpack.

ASOS White Long Flowy Floral Dress,

This dress I was really undecided about for a while. It reminds me of a night dress in many ways but actually once I styled it up it made a great casual, flowy dress that similarly you can dress up or make it quite casual. A white dress that isn't see through is always a bonus, this dress is made of quite thick material so it's perfect for those days when its eventually warmer to throw on and not feel self conscious in at all.

ASOS Curve tie waist orange dress

This dress was something out of my usual choice because I thought it might have been a weird length but really I think it worked quite well. The tie-in waist was fab for giving some shape with this kind of dress and it made the look less casual. Vibrant, bright colours are always great in Spring because especially when it's warm enough to throw on only a dress, it's nice to wear a statement piece.

Over to this M&S dress. I'm a fan of shorter dresses but for spring weather in England, you definitely still need some tights or over the knee boots! These boots from Evans were such a good purchases because they actually keep your legs really warm and if any of you need wide fit boots they do really great ones in a variety of calf sizes. This floral dress was really flowy and great for daytime outfits or evening.

Primark long navy button down dress

This Primark dress has to be one of my best finds this season. It originally had a belt which I just wasn't a fan of so I got rid of it and it transformed this dress into a really cute, casual outfit. Personally I always find if you stick to darker colours for cheap dresses they can look really expensive. I would definitely wear this into summer because it was made out of quite light material.

New Look Leopard Print Long Dress.

Finally, we are onto our last dress. This New Look dress is so comfortable and flowy, it would definitely work well with trainers or dressed up in the evening with some heels. I love the colour and the print, it would work quite well to match with accessories.

That concludes my 6 Affordable Spring Dresses, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will now be catching up on all the blog posts I have been missing out on over the last few months! I'm off to Paris soon so I'm thinking of documenting some good Paris spots to try out, as well as shooting some outfits over there.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I will be back soon,

Laura x