Too soon to pick up a few pre-autumn pieces? I obviously don't think so.

I headed out to TK Maxx this week to go and search for what I had been told, were new autumn pieces. I was slightly let down with how much I found but then again, it has just only turned August so I can get over it. 
I needed some new homeware bits and I always find TK Maxx is a great place to pick up random bits and bobs. Firstly, I found this adorable mug and white pot. I haven't invested in a cute mug before and this one I actually would consider featuring in pictures. My idea for the white pot was that I needed a sugar pot. I don't drink much tea or coffee myself but I really needed one for when guests are round; I mean it's not the most appealing thing getting the sugar out and it's just sat in it's original bag, is it? To go along with this pot, I picked up this pink jar that I thought would work perfectly for teabags. By storing 'guest' essentials in cute jars like this, I feel like it will give a more homely feel (my mum would be so proud). 
Blue Speckled Mug from TK Maxx
Pink and white mug from TK Maxx
I mean obviously if you're buying a mug, you've got to buy coffee too, right?! Like I said, I don't drink much coffee myself but if there is a type to get me in the mood for it, it would be these warm, autumnal vibe flavours. I've always loved the Cinnamon Roll by Dunkin Donuts so thought this time I would try out 'French Caramel' to see how it compares. My ideal situation would be in future to gather assorted flavours of coffee for guests and display them in some sort of cute basket, so by that, I mean coming soon...
Jason Scott French Caramel Coffee
If you stop by TK Maxx and don't buy a candle, how? When I heard they released some autumn bits, I instantly assumed that meant autumnal candles. I spotted this Apple and Pumpkin Spice scented candle and let me tell you now, it smells incredible. I'm burning it whilst writing this, pretending it's September instead of August. Along with my new candle, I also purchased a DKNY white blanket. I was really shocked how cheap this was considering the size. It's a full sized queen blanket that has covered my entire super king bed so if you do have a queen it would hang over the sides. I love it so much and think it works really well with my bedding because I like to stick to white bedding in summer but then by it being fluffy and comforting, it works into my vibe of being excited for autumn soon. It was only £19.99 which I think is so good, do you agree?

That concludes my TK Maxx haul. I hope you guys enjoyed and you will be seeing a lot more content on my blog as we head into my favourite time of the year. If you aren't following my instagram yet go and follow to see more of my hauls over there - @laurajanestanley
Apple and Pumpkin Spice M of W.G candleTK Maxx White DKNY Blanket