So, I have splurged out and had microblading done. Super exciting. It was quite a spontaneous decision brought on by me booking a last minute holiday and not wanting to have to worry about makeup. Personally, I always need brows and lashes done to leave the house, I don't care about foundation or bronzer but if I don't have brows and lashes on, I feel a bit naked. I always notice my brows in pictures and if you read my "brow transformation", you will know I have become way more confident with my brows since knowing what shape suits me to fill in, but the problem with going abroad where it's high humidity, means that I won't want to wear makeup really. I started looking into how much it would cost and tried to find someone who could do them quite naturally.

I found a technician in East Sheen, Richmond, who is an expert at microblading. Here's my tips if you're thinking of getting it done:
  1. Find a technician that has created similar brow shapes to what you want
  2. Save images of the brow shape you want and bonus if you followed number 1, bring/save images of their work that you like
  3. Spend time making sure the drawing is just how you want it, don't feel awkward to adjust it slightly. I asked my technician to square my shape more and not have a very prominent arch because that's just my preference. 
  4. Wear comfy clothes if you can, I was sat getting mine done for 3 hours.
It's not that painful, it just feels like small scratches when they're doing the microblading but they use numbing cream so you won't feel much. I would say on a score of 10 being painful, it was about a 2/10. Really not bad and top ups aren't done often so if you can bare being a bit uncomfortable during it, it's worth it to not having to worry about makeup or creating a better brow shape to make you feel more confident with.

I'm now a week on from having them done. I absolutely love the outcome of my brows. I feel like I have makeup on ready to leave the house from the moment I wake up. I personally don't think the price of them is bad considering if you fill your brows in like me everyday, it takes so much time off your morning routine and it can really help you to feel confident with your brows. I have my follow up appointment in about 6 weeks time to retouch any faded areas. You should only need this touch up and then they last at least a year.

I really recommend getting them done if you're considering it! If I had the money to get it done before now, I wish I would have, but at the same time, it almost came at the perfect time where I had figured what brow shape I like/suit so knew exactly how I want them adjusted using microblading.

Let me know if any of you are considering having it done or have! I love looking at transformations. If you want to see my experience, I also videoed it for my Youtube channel - so go and check that out as well.