Most of us have seen The Devil Wears Prada or The Hills, and wondered if there might be any similarities interning at a fashion company - well there is. Throughout my art foundation year and university, I've interned for six different fashion companies.

What it's really like interning for a fashion company.

Do you really need a makeover to fit in?
Just like Andy (The Devil Wears Prada), I started my first internship wearing a standard 'workwear' outfit. I threw on my most professional looking pencil skirt and paired it with a motif jumper. I walked into the office and instantly regretted my choice. Everyone dressed to match the current trends - their version of workwear attire. Stilettos and designer bags are normal at a fashion company. Everyone always looked very glam at the companies. Meetings are happening throughout the day which means you are constantly networking. I quickly adjusted and found my work style to fit in. It's fine if you're not comfortable wearing heels, you can style up some trendy trainers or flat shoes into your outfit as well. All of my internships have involved running around doing all the tasks that the employees don't have time to do, so if you're wearing heels, make sure they're comfy for a lot of walking about and always keep a blister plaster on you. Your outfit needs to look sophisticated but trendy at the same time. On your first day or interview, definitely dress smarter than you think you need and whilst you're there look at what everyone is wearing so you have an idea of how to dress. I find the classic is some smart jeans and a loose stylish shirt.

Do you get paid?
I haven't found many companies that offer pay with fashion internships, however the majority of them do offer travel expenses and some cover a bit extra for lunch etc. There definitely are internships that pay but be warned they are very competitive and rare. Keep checking websites like for new opportunities. After most of my internships have ended, I have been offered to stay on or been told to reach out when I finish studying. If you can't afford to have a free internship, which is completely understandable, there are some that offer part time internships or if you reach out through email, you might be able to arrange that.

Are carbs a thing?
On my first day at an internship I actually witnessed someone eat a whole packet of chicken satay because it was low calorie and didn't involve carbs. I was sat there with my Pret chicken hot wrap. Working at a fashion company means that the employees tend to want to stay similar to the sample size to be able to fit into them when they're sold off cheap at a sample sales. I got to experience a work sample sale and let me tell you, it was chaotic. Discounts as high as 70% off means that it gets brutal - survival of the fittest.

Do you ever leave the office?
Yes. During fashion week? No.
I know interns that haven't slept during fashion week. You are expected to work just as hard as the actual employees. Even though this will seem hectic for unpaid work, it means you get to experience what it will be like when/if you actually end up working there. One thing to note is that if you're an intern and you want a future job at the company, you need to go out of your way with no pay and show your commitment. You want to be one of the last people in the office and make sure you don't leave until you've checked there is nothing else left to do. I've seen interns leave the day early when they have plans or don't think there is any work left and the employees have noted that down. This makes it really tough to stay motivated when you feel like the hardest worker. If you're looking for a great reference or a job at that company, impressions count so work hard. (And learn how to make a good cup of tea.)