I want to share with you guys a few products I’ve been trying out over the past month.

For ages I have put off filling in my eyebrows. Before exploring the art of brows, I had none - they barely had any shape or definition. Although you don’t have to go full on thick brow style, it could be a great thing for you to experiment with a subtle brow pen. Maybe even start with a tinted brow brush or gel?

After testing out a few products I feel more confident in pictures because before I always felt that when I had makeup on other than my brows, they looked odd or incomplete. I have started wearing eyelashes more often now over extensions. I don’t wear makeup often so when I do I like to spend a bit of time to make it look nice. The downside to wearing lashes is that my brows suddenly looked even more undefined. I purchased a brow felt tip for the first time maybe 6 months ago and I’ve been gradually becoming more confident with it. I recommend this MAC shape + shade pen. It lets you fill in your natural shape and once you’re more confident like I am now, you can start to sculpt your brow shape.

Eyebrows before and after the MAC Shape + Shade Brow felt pen.

What brow products did you guys first use? Do you also look back and cringe at bad brow days?

I would take thick, undefined brows any day over the 2009 thin brow days.

I have sworn by this moisturiser for about two years. I’m someone that sticks to a pretty regular skincare routine. I try to moisturise my whole body once a week. I moisturise my face twice a day with this stuff too. I alternate between this and the Garnier tinted moisturiser, because if you’re like me and suddenly feel like you go from a 6 to a solid 8 with a tan, this stuff is a necessity. This Nivea one is definitely on the thicker side but it’s really moisturising without being greasy. It works great on your face before applying makeup as well.

I’ve found out recently how bad regular sunscreens are for the environment. All of the big names have harmful chemicals that effect coral and sea life. I’ve never even thought about it but that layer of oil you see after coming out the water has to go somewhere doesn’t it and now I know where. I found loads of brands on amazon that are ‘reef safe’ that I’ve just bought two bottles of for my upcoming volunteer trip. I’m working with sealife and snorkelling so the team there warned me to look into reef safe sunscreen and I’m so glad they did.

This is a fairly pricey but great product. They have a selection of coloured glittered eyeliners that are priced at £17 a tube. Obviously eyeliner does go quite a long way so it’s not an awful price range. The product itself it great and the brush works quite well for getting a good winged eyeliner. This eyeliner makes a great subtle but glam look.

Here is a real life Regina George moment to be had. Lush has a peppermint foot cream that I use quite often. It smells great and just by using a specific foot lotion, I feel like I have my life together. It’s a pretty large tub and it has lasted me ages. If you want to feel a bit extra, definitely buy this.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month’s favourites, the beauty edition. I’m trying to work on extending my posts with writing and becoming more regular with more detailed content. I also just started a YouTube channel. Click on that link and go check out my first video. It’s my everyday glam makeup look.
Mother's Day Gift Guide containing beauty products in various price ranges.

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Here are my top picks of Mother's Day gifts.

1. Keegan Drop Earrings | Anthropologie | £38

These are the perfect, mid-priced accessory options for any mum. They are sophisticated and stylish with a touch of elegance. The colour options in this are subtle to work with any makeup look from subtle chic to a stand out date night look.

2. Spring Botanic Collection in a Portmeirion Jug | Bloom | £79

Fake flowers have become really high quality so a lot of people are favouring buying them now. Obviously the real looking ones do come with a price, but if you can fork out over £50 you should be able to buy a nice bunch. These ones I found from Bloom make a perfect gift that won't age and can last forever.

3. Wine Pine Bath Rack | Dunelm | £10

For a low budget option this gift idea is perfect. Bath racks have become a popular decoration piece to leave out with a candle sat in, ready for a night of relaxation.

4. [AD] Wet & Dry Epilator For The Whole Body | Panasonic | £69

Over to my new find, a total must have. Panasonic recently reached out to me to let you guys know about their new Wet & Dry Epilator that has 48 tweezers! Personally, I have used the brand for years and was thrilled to have the chance to let you guys know about their new release. I often use an epilator and cannot think of a more efficient, cost effective way to remove hair. The great part about epilators is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. Even though some of you may consider this price fairly high, realistically this will save you in the long run - no more wax appointments at your local beauty salons.

The epilator has a rotating head and it makes sure that the tweezers don't come into contact with your skin. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin or find you tend to have irritation after hair removal. The idea of the rotating head means that you can glide over any areas and complete with a smooth finish. The skin guard makes sure that only hair is pulled out and that it doesn't tug on the skin.

One of the best features of this product in my opinion is that it has a built in LED light. This makes the hair removal efficient and precise. It's ideal for last minute plans with the summer months vastly approaching. No matter what natural light you have access to, this LED feature means you won't go out looking patchy.

My mum has been using epilators for years. She swears it's the best way to remove hair. I added this into my Mother's Day Gift Guide because it's a great beauty product and the perfect time to start using one.

Have any of you guys tried it yet?

5. Irresistible Almond Collection | L'Occitane | £49

Following on our beauty topic. L'Occitane always brings out the most amazing products. This set has the ideal gifts ranging from a shower oil to a body balm in their signature, beautiful packaging perfect for a pampering night.

6. UGG Scuffette | John Lewis | £80

I think most people have at least one member of their family that owns a pair of UGG slippers? For me, it's my grandma. She splurged once and ever since my Mum has wanted a pair too. This pair comes in many colour options and lasts a long time because it's so well made. Personally, I love the pink pair. What is your favourite colour?

I hope you guys enjoyed my Mother's Day Gift Guide! Let me know what you're thinking of getting.

Laura x