Hey guys,

So December may have led me to a few splurges. I thought I would share with you guys my favourites that I've continued onto this month.

Firstly, the most popular purchase. Dolly Alderton's "Everything I Know About Love". It seems like everyone has this book on instagram. I'm half way through this at the moment and loving it. Her writing style is so relatable and comical. It seriously is a pick up to cheer you up kind of book. I really recommend it if you want some light hearted reading.

2. Primark | Lip Liner and Crayon Duo 
Notice how many of these I already own. It should be quite clear that I love these. They are priced at only £2.50 for a lip crayon AND a matching lip liner! Bargain. These are honestly amazing. They remind me of the MAC matte colours but obviously are so much cheaper. I got these in Red, Nude, Cherry and Light Brown meaning the essentials.
3. The Body Shop's Mediterranean | Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask 
This mask is really moisturising and cooling. I find these pots quite generous, I normally get at least 6 uses out of them.

4. MAC | Shape + Shade Brow Tint
I love this product, I honestly can't find another one that works as well for me. I naturally have quite thick brows so a product like this where it's not too heavy but instead just sculpts the brows, works perfectly.

5. Urban Decay | Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
I love the colour of this product. It does price at £18 from memory, which is quite expensive but because it's an eyeliner, there is meant to be a lot of use out of it. I however, use it on top of a eyeshadow base to make a glitter on top. I have also used it as an eyeliner which works really well too. The shape of the brush also makes it a lot easier than normal to flick it.

6, Lush | Ro's Argan
This body conditioner is amazing. It's very moisturising but also very thick so it might not work for everyone. I use it as a night cream because I think the thickness would be a bit heavy for a morning look.

7. Soap & Glory | Clean On Me
The Clean On Me shower gel has always been a favourite of mine. I've recently started loving it again because of the Christmas deals from Soap & Glory. I find their tubs of body butter and shower gel the most generous for price. They last ages and smell really good.

8. T-Zone | Black Peel Off Mask
When I say this is a face mask that actually does the job, I mean it HURTS. If you can take a bit of pain just to unclog every pore on your face, I recommend this one. It's the best pore mask I have ever used. You know when black peel off masks were popular and you'd go out and buy one but they never actual did much? This one does, I promise!

Hope you've enjoyed my January favourites! Have any of you tried out any of these things?

Cult Beauty Haul

My Cult Beauty order arrived, exciting. I wanted to get some glittery eyeshadows for nights out and even though I love my Urban Decay glitter eyeliner, I wanted a pigmented eyeshadow to stay on during the night without constant top ups. Cult Beauty had a deal running in December where if you spent £50, you got this FREE starter kit, which I spotted as a pretty good deal. I figured, because I already needed some new eyeshadows, I may as well spend the money with Cult Beauty and get these freebies to try out. I’m gradually becoming in love with makeup more and more so I’m constantly looking for samples to figure out what I want to actually purchase.

I purchased these two Huda Beauty palettes because A, they were on sale, and B, I was obsessed with the colours. I swatched them and loved the pigment in the majority of the colours. I’m excited to try them out for a full on glam look. The main thing I love about both of these palettes is the colour options! They are great mini palettes to take in a bag, rather than the usual ones that you can't slot into a clutch.

I also purchased the Laura Mercier eyelash curler. It’s an odd design, but actually so handy because it’s tiny, so perfect for makeup bags and it’s not fiddly so it shouldn’t break. I sometimes find the scissor like curlers are so delicate, they don’t work well being thrown into a makeup bag. Even though it looks a bit daunting to use on your eye, I have tried it, and it worked perfectly.

The Cult Beauty Starter Kit

Moving onto the Cult Beauty Starter Kit...it was AMAZING. I have tried out pretty much every product now to tell you my thoughts. Here is a list of the products in this fab freebie:

1. Sol de Janeiro | Brazillian Bum Bum Cream £18
Guys, when I say this is one of the most amazing scented creams I have ever smelt, I am not lying. Its's meant to smooth out the texture of your skin and I mean for summer where you're walking round in a skimpy swimsuit, why not look after your cheeks! I most definitely will purchase this again when my freebie runs out. You can use it all over your body, and I most likely will just to smell this good everywhere.

2. Huda Beauty | Lip Strobe £17
This tied in well with my haul, considering I had just bought two Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes. This lip strobe is definitely on the glossy side, but used over a lipstick, it gives a great shine. It's quite subtle but I think that works great if you decide to have a stronger eye look and want a less obvious lip choice.

3. Emma Hardie Skincare | Moringa Cleansing Balm £47
This product shocked me. It was great! Super moisturising, but I mean for that price, that is what you'd expect. It definitely is a high quality product. I'm not sure I'd spend that much personally for a balm. If I had extra money, I would splurge on this, because it would be a great night cream if you had really dry skin. For now, my cheap self will enjoy this product way out of my budget.

4. Cover FX | Custom Enhancer Drops £34
"Gleaming like molten metal" is the perfect way for Cult Beauty to describe this product. It really is a great illuminating bronzer to use. This works especially great if you head for warmer tones because they have a great range for that. This definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

5. Pixi | Rose Tonic £10
Not going to lie guys, I did not need this product. My mum however, has rosacea, so I handed this straight to her. She is always looking for products to minimise red tones on her cheeks.

6. Benefit | The POREfessional: Pearl Primer £11
I really liked this product, but then again I don't have a big problem with pores once I have a base on. It has good reviews and I definitely will use it on special glam nights to try it out more. In my opinion it felt slightly heavy so I wouldn't use it for everyday use.

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills | Clear Brow Gel £23
I mean you can't go wrong with this can you? It worked great. I love brow gels to set my brows in place, it works well if you have naturally thick eyebrows like me that need holding in place. My brows stayed in shape all night using this product. Love it.

8. Caudalie | Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting £46
This product is great for people who have uneven tones or dark circles under their eyes. I know loads of people rave about this product, but for me, I don't have that problem so I can't really give it a fair review.

9. NYX Professional Makeup | Matte Lipstick £7
Guys, I can't express how much I love this lipstick. It's the most moisturising matte lipstick I have tried in a while. I'm currently sat with no makeup, minus this lip and I'm not even fussed with taking it off after I write this because it feels so nice. You know it's good at moisturising when you've got a cold, chapped lips and your lips feel smooth. Definitely recommend and I think the price is really fair too.

10. invisibobble | Orginal £4.99
I am a great tester for hair in one sense because I have very thick, long hair, so if I find a hair tie that can hold a ponytail in place, you have passed a test from me. I've just tested this out for you lot and it actually is gripping really well. It says it avoids headaches, interesting. I will continue using this product, the freebie gave me three nude hair bobbles, which I think is really good.

11. Sarah Chapman | 3D Moisture Infusion Mask £43
This product might be my favourite out of the bunch. This face mask was like putting a cooling jelly on my face. It was so hydrating and held so much moisture in the packet. It was by far my favourite sheet mask I have EVER done. I mean, the price is a little high in my budget, but like I've said for balm, if I have extra cash, I would splurge on things like this. I hope to be reunited with another Sarah Chapman face mask in future, my skin needs it.

So guys, can we just appreciate how amazing that freebie was?!
I feel like I have cheated the system for getting such great products all for spending £50. I mean they definitely did well getting me to buy one because I'm now admiring how much I love these products. Instead of other typical freebies where you're sent cheap-ish products that sometimes aren't that great, this freebie actually sent such good quality, high-end products that I now want more of. It's great for someone in my age range (22) or above who now might be earning and wanting to spend more on good quality stuff.