ASOS Statement Blazer: OOTD

9 December 2018

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

This weekend has been a rather hectic one for me. I had my bestie come down to London so we had a fully jam-packed weekend of things to do around the city. If you fancy seeing what I got up to, follow my instagram:

I’ve made a few ASOS purchases this month that I thought you guys would want to see.

As we all know, blazers are like the best statement staple everrrr?
Well I thought I would attempt to try out an ASOS design blazer. I love this one because it’s oversized, which works great for a more sophisticated look. I always think coats that hit mid-thigh are always way more flattering. It works especially when you’re wearing mom jeans like me here, which, I hope you lot can agree, don’t give you the best butt possible, almost definitely if you size up in mom jeans too. My only suggestion with ASOS blazers is definitely size up if you have fairly broad shoulders like me. If you’re going for a oversized blazer, I don’t think sizing up matters too much, as long as it fits your shoulders.

The jumper is from ASOS too. I love the colour. Sinching in the middle makes a really easy, flattering effect that I’m pretty sure could work for all body shapes!

My bag is Mulberry, that sadly, I purchased at a sample sale about a year ago, so it’s not online anywhere. If you live in London I definitely recommend signing up to sample sale sites. I got my bag here for about 40% off.

I will link these pieces bellow for you lot to check out.

 Blazer: £55
Jumper: £16


  1. I've been seeing blazers this entire season, and I soo want to get one! I love the really long ones myself, but I definitely want to get one that hits mid-thigh as well x

    1. They’re great! I definitely recommend checking out ASOS, they have quite a few on there.

      Laura x

  2. I love this look and I'm all over the oversized look this year. I don't own any blazers at the moment, think I need to invest in one :)

    1. Thank you!
      Oh definitely, they’re so handy to have.

      Laura x


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