Hey guys,

Here is my May Wish List. I find that so many lovely products come out in this spring/summer transition. If you’re similar to me and love summer, you would also find yourself particularly wanting most of the summer collections. I personally just find all the colours much more appealing because they are so bright and colourful. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping these summer pieces in your homes during other seasons. I think we all find that the majority of us are waiting for summer most of the year. 

Recently, I have been trying to buy more artisan products just because I find they have more personality to them and they are more unique compared to typical fast fashion large stores. I have always been a fan of buying things off Etsy, but recently I have been trying to explore other brands not stocked there that are focused on fair trade and ethical production.

Raffia Fringe Tote - Natural | $128
Merana Printed Headband | £28
Beach Printable | £3.78
Snake Gold Plated Ring | £91
Dipping Plates | $62
Cannes Drop Earrings | $42
Bulb String Lights | $23.99
The Crosby | $550
Fringe Linen Pillow | £45.85
Desta Tea Towel | $19.60
Florence Candlestick | $14

 What are your favourite pieces?

Laura x