The Vegan Kind’s “Snack Attack” hamper contains every type of craving for those greedy days. I have been making an effort of eating vegan more often. I find one way of breaking the habit staying vegan is down to craving snacks and buying some chocolate or sweets once you want more variety. Therefore, I decided to try out this “Snack Attack” hamper. 
 On first impression, the packaging was really simple and minimal, which is great. As I opened it, I was thinking there was no way there could be as many products packed inside as I saw on the website. I was wrong, they somehow managed to pack loads of great snacks inside here.
So far, I’m thinking that the Candy Kittens “Pineapple Sweets”, Lenny & Larry’s “The Complete Cookie” and Chika’s “Smoked Almonds” are my favourite. I really recommend this product to anyone thinking of going vegan. It has definitely given me ideas of brands and products to buy to keep in my cupboard for those craving days. Personally, I think the way to stay consistent when changing to a vegan based diet is to keep basics in your cupboards and fridge so that when you’re hangry, you don’t walk into a supermarket and just grab the first thing you see because you don’t have the patience to check the ingredients or a recipe.

The Vegan Kind also does lifestyle and beauty hampers. If you’re interested in this particular box here’s the link:

Snack Attack Hamper

They have an online supermarket that I will be trying out soon. These hampers are just great for when you don’t know what to start off buying and they would make a great gift.

Have any of you tried out any vegan snacks to recommend?